Welcome to Pinpark

Our vision is to create a world with Parking for All. We believe that there is ample parking space in every city. However, it is underutilized. We study cities and their spaces and create unique optimized parking space that serve everyone. Pinpark solutions are affordable, seamless, and quick to access parking platform to cities, towns, institutions, companies and customers. It transforms the way that our customers operate, travel and use their time productively.

Our Vision Parking for All translates into one customer promise for you: #happyparking

How it works


Pinpark is a 360 degree solution for all your parking related solutions. It is a mobile application that acts as a digitized platform to aggregate all the available parking spaces within cities. Pinpark has a spectrum of Offerings for its customers:

Easy three steps


Parking spaces are available to you from one hour to two months


Just reserve the parking space that suits you the best


No time wasted driving in hectic traffic. Peace of mind


Pinpark helps drivers to reserve parking whenever and wherever they want. With more than hundreds of bookable parking spaces across Kochi, we help you find your parking spaces with ease.

Save Time

No hunting for parking any longer, just reserve your space.

Save Fuel

Avoid wastage of fuel by driving directly to the reserved spot with the help of map.

Pay Cashless

PayU Money wallet helps you to pay cashless.

Save Money

Low cost parking in the middle of the city.

No Frustration

Stop driving around in traffic, searching for parking spots.

Parking Spaces

Discover parking place of your choice. The spaces are growing!